Weird.  Odd.  Peculiar. I’ve been called it all! Personally, I prefer “eccentric”, doesn’t that make me sound rich? You see, I’m a gardener. ..a composter….an educator….and environmentalist.


With all of the information out there about environmental issues and concerns, it can be difficult to sort through conflicting information sources to separate the facts from ‘greenwashing’. There are so many small decisions that we all make every day that have an enormous impact on our communities and the world, that understanding the connections between those choices is critical.


This site has been developed to provide information and direction for people interested in creating healthy, sustainable lifestyles, beginning right in their OWN backyards! From gardening and growing your own food, to planting native flowers and shrubs for wildlife, to exploring the connections and policy decisions made in our communities, the goal of this site is to offer suggestions, solutions and success stories of progress to a bright and sustainable future.


I hope you find the information and links here to be helpful, encouraging and inspiring! Welcome!





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